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04 December 2019


What is Content Marketing?

Content is one of the primal parts of every web site. Quality of content, its attractiveness are the crucial parts on which Search Engines are looking, to decide which position at SERP (Search Engine Result Page) you are worthy of taking. This position depends on the amount of traffic and as an ending result, the conversion rate.

Content Marketing is a special marketing technique that allows marketers to increase brand awareness, earn customers' trust and attract new sources of traffic.

The very core of content marketing is in creating and spreading various interesting and useful information that could be placed at different places, from websites and blogs to the video-platforms and thematic forums. 

content marketing explained

In the modern world, every e-Commerce business must use Content Marketing as one of the primary promotion channels. When a brand is trying to help visitors of their website, instead of trying to sell their product or service, it earns the status of an expert, which dramatically increases the chances that the customer will buy a product or a service. If you will help a client to fix an issue, then he will remember about you, when he will be needed a specialized product or service. 

As you can see, the main goal of content marketing is not in direct selling, but in pushing a customer to choose exactly you among all the competitors.

Content Marketing: Definition

Content Marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that is directed to attracting the new target audience and building a trust relationship between brand and customers. To reach this goal marketers are creating a strong bond with interesting and relevant content.

Building a strong bond between clients and business is the extremely important task of content-marketing, that is done to attract more potential clients and to hold the current one. Just a simple adding of a blog with the relevant content increasing traffic more than by 55%.

content marketing definition

According to the latest research Content Marketing is generating three times more leads than a common paid search. It is much cheaper and much more effective, so if you are still not using Content Marketing, then you need to think about it. Such a technique is building its own momentum and later it does not require any further funds, while paid search needs stable funds flow to keep getting results.

Content Marketing: Strategy

First of all, you need to choose which goals your content marketing strategy must chase. There are the next main goals:

  • Lead generation;
  • Target Audience increasing;
  • Clients engagement increasing;
  • Growing new Leads;
  • Brand awareness increasing;
  • Traffic attracting;
  • Re-activation of the passive clients;
  • Loyalty increasing;
  • Upsell and cross-sales.

content marketing strategy

Right after choosing a few goals that content marketing strategy must chase you could start building it. But do not think that this marketing starts with the writing original and interesting articles. To build a successful and effective strategy just follow the next small tips.

Learn TA

Never create content just for content - this is the completely wrong tactic. You need to know potential customers, their needs and interest, problems that are bothering them. Gather every bit of data, like the average age of TA, social status, education, geolocation, hobby, preferences. All this will help you to create content that is highlighting the real problems and helping in fixing them.

Follow Content-Plan

To reach your goals and to keep visitors engaged you need to create a strict plan, that will keep the attention of potential clients bond to brand. Such a plan will save a hundred of hours and will keep you from the self-repeating in a blog, and will give you all the opportunities to focus on other goals.  

Highest Quality

Never forget that you are creating content for people, that is why every article, video, infographic must be: 

  • Informative;
  • Unique;
  • Original;
  • Valuable.

Never prioritize quantity over quality, it is the wrong approach. But there are no unified solvation to the next question: "How often do I need to post content?". Visitors must be excited for any news from your brand, but make sure that content will be equaled to the expectations. To maximize the profits of feedbacks use segmentation (dividing of a customer base on smaller groups, based on some criteria). This will increase the efficiency of content marketing and dramatically boost up clients' engagement.

Rotate Types of Content

A human being is getting tired of the same content too fastly, so to keep the audience entertained you need to rotate your content continuously.  Do not stick to only long-read detailed guides or short checklists, use any type of content you can. This will keep your audience loyal and will optimize your content marketing strategy to the needs of SEO

Types of content:

  • Articles;
  • Guides;
  • Images;
  • Infographics;
  • Videos;
  • Demographics;
  • Presentations,
  • Reviews;
  • Researches.

Rotating the content will help you to keep users engaged and this will increase the effectiveness of the whole content-marketing strategy.

Catchy Headers

According to the latest research, users are deciding will they read an article or not in the first 15-30 seconds, right after reading a header. That is forcing you to carefully choose the headers, make is as clear and informative as possible. That is why click-bait headers were so popular, but for a serious business, such an approach is unacceptable. 

Optimize Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core of every digital promotion. Search engines are carefully analyzing websites, the content on them must contain a direct answer to the users' queries. To create relevant content and get high positions in the search engine result page you do not have to be a certified SEO-specialist. Just make sure that your article contains a full and detailed answer to the clients' questions. To find out these questions I highly recommend you to use every google webmaster tools as Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Trends. Some additional services could be useful too, but they are not free and require a subscription - Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

Adapt to the needs of Customers

Mobile-first is a new trend on Google. According to the latest Google data, more than 51% of users are using mobile phones or tablets to find the desired product or service. And mobile traffic is increasing from year to year, so you need to make sure that your landing page or money site will be adapted to the needs of mobile users, otherwise, you are losing a huge source of traffic.

Content Marketing: Examples

In this part, we will look at the most successful examples of the content-marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 88% of companies are using content-marketing to promote business in the B2B segment.

Interesting content will boost your SERP positions and will attract more visitors, the rest is up to you, just transform them from visitors into the buyers.


Moz is one of the leading expert services in the SEO segment. And it became so popular thanks to the blog, where highlighted every important business issues. In this blog, the Moz team is talking about business, widgets, SEO tools, examples of website audits and much more. 

moz content marketing

Such content is turning the Moz team from a faceless service to a friendly company where professional experts are working, which is increasing the trust to the brand. This company is gathered an active and professional society which is keeping the very brand in the area of sight of customers.

In addition to this, Moz is using user-generated content, giving everyone an opportunity to be posted on the special page on their blog, and the most successful ones are even highlighted at the main page of the blog. 


Zendesk is a b2b service that is providing hi-quality software to the web-support services. In the personal blog, they have materials that is telling how to enhance business with the additional services. Unlike many other companies, Zendesk is not hiding their content, all the data is available for free.

Zendesk content marketing

Such free informational articles are helping to hold the users on the first stage of the sales funnel, which is leading to the hidden and paid content and then - to the Zendesk services.


Astratalk is a service that is providing a live-chat support widget to any e-Commerce business. We are promoting our website by attracting users, that may find useful our product - users, that are willing to start a business in the e-commerce sphere.

astratalk content marketing

In our blog, we are explaining the most basic things, like what is marketing, by what parts it divided, how online-chat could boost sales and much more. Through these free articles, we are showing that we are well-known with this sphere and could provide the highest quality product that will fulfill your needs.

Content Marketing: Tools

To create high-quality content you need professional tools, that might be used to enhance it, redact finished publications or to create brand-new materials, which will lead to the enhancing of the users' interaction with the brand.

This part is fully dedicated to the top tools for content-marketing, which are the best to create new publications, that will be beloved by both, users and search engines.

Best Research Tools

Research is the first and extremely important step in creating new content. And the services and tools below are the best for this task. With their help, the very process of searching, analytics, and visualization of the data for further self-enhancing will be eased.


Team Quartz created a wonderful tool to create marvelous informational graphics, table and other types of images, that are needed to visualize the data. It is a wonderful service for gathering and systematization of the basic information that later will be presented to your clients and visitors.


Do I really need to say something about this tool, that earned the love of thousands of marketers all over the world? Hundreds of guides and reviews are written about this service. So, long story short, BuzzSumo the biggest analyst platform that is allowing to find out the most relevant content, evaluate it coverage, look at the peoples, that are interested in your content and who shared it. 

Google Trends

Google Trends could be used for content marketing, with its help you could get a lot of new ideas, which will attract huge traffic flow to a website. Moreover, these tools, together with Google Ads, is the primary tool for looking for new keywords with the high volume and low competition. 

Best SEO tools

Content marketing is too close to the SEO, so creating content you need to highlight some time to optimize it. For these needs, I recommend you use the next content marketing tools.


SEMRush is an awesome tool to work with the link profile, competitors analytics, and traffic sources. This is one of the best services to work with the keywords, that have the widest functional. You could see the competition for the keyword in each region, suggested keywords and search analogs. Most of the SEO services are using these functions to create optimized content.

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