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25 November 2019


What is Digital Marketing: Everything you need to know

First of all, you need to understand that digital marketing and internet marketing are two different things. Well, more correctly to say, that digital marketing is a much wider thing that includes internet marketing but it does not limit by the Wolrd Wide Web. Digital communication channels could be as online as offline, like promotion on any off-line digital media. If a simple newspaper will have a special QR-code, this will be considered not as a traditional marketing channel, but as a digital.

eCommerce Digital Marketing must be used for your business to grow. Otherwise, you will be doomed to stay in the mediocre ranks, without even a chance of getting into the highest circles. So, let's start this digital marketing guide from the very beginning.

digital marketing definition

Digital Marketing meaning - this is a common term for various marketing channels in the digital sphere, from an ad on the online-radio to the context ad on the internet. Long story short - Digital Marketing is promoting in any digital field.

The role of digital marketing is extremely simple, we are living in the modern ages, where everything is slowly transferring from the real world into the digital world. The volume of the overall inquires in the digital is increasing dramatically and soon they will overwhelm everything else. To not lose potential customers you need to keep this tempo and adjust your business, transforming your traditional marketing channels into the digital ones.

The primary question that is needed to be answered: "What is Digital Marketing?". This is quite simple, the most major part is the analytics. Fortunately, the digital sphere is allowing to easily gather all the possible data. Marketers need to analyze all the information about users and their behavior, which includes demographic data, online activitiesadvertising sources, interests, etc.

Using this data, specialized digital companies could better understand the targeted audience and find the best digital channel that must be used in promotion. That is why the most important tool for digital marketing is Google Analytics

Marketing digital must be as precise as possible, otherwise, you will just lose a lot of funds. Thanks to the analytics you could understand which channel is working the best and from which you could get rid off. 

Digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is always a personal thing. There are no universal decision that must be used by every new business. After making a research on the 93 biggest internet shops, specialists highlighted the two biggest traffic-generating channels:

  1. Organic - 37%;
  2. CPC - 33%;
  3. Direct - 12%;
  4. Other - 8.5%;
  5. Referral - 5%;
  6. E-mail - 2.5%;
  7. Social - 2%.

digital marketing strategy

This research showed us two things on which you need to concentrate - SEO optimization and Context Advertisement. So if you are interested in building the perfect digital marketing strategy you need to focus on optimizing a website to the SEO requirements and create the best possible context ad company.

SEO meaning in digital marketing

SEO is an extremely complicated thing that nowadays must be taken into account. Otherwise, you will lose a ton of organic traffic that could be driven to your website if you optimize it. As you can see in the image above, the Organic traffic channel is the biggest one among others. The only possible way to boost this indicator is to optimize a website.

Context advertisement in digital marketing

Context ad company is the second widest channel and the primary tool for it is Google Ads. Previously it was known as an AdWords - this is the biggest service for the context advertisement, created by Google. It is providing a lot of useful tools for fine-tuning a personal ad company, that will be suitable for certain business needs.

How to learn Digital Marketing

Most of the readers are interested in only one simple question: "How to do digital marketing?". This is the hardest question that depends on which channel of marketing you are willing to use, a budget that could be highlighted for these purposes, and many other factors. Digital Marketing strategy will vary for each business, and they even could vary for the businesses in the one sphere! That is why, for the small businesses, I recommend using special, dedicated companies that are helping with the business promotion. 

analytic is a key to digital marketing

The best way of learning digital marketing is the trial-and-error path. Open your eyes and you will notice a lot of interesting promotion strategies at the most popular companies all over the world. As you can see there are no simple and guaranteed path to success. Be creative and try out various digital marketing channels to find out which will works in the best way for your purposes.

Digital Marketing Examples

Building a digital marketing strategy is not a hard thing when you know which channel will bring the most profits for a business. We will take a look at a few examples, that will show you different ways of implementing digital marketing into your business.


MasterCard is a well-known brand that is using owned media and separated travel blog, based on the adventures and stories of cardholders. MasterCard travel blog gives to a reader some nice ideas for further adventure and providing you with the cards, that will help you in this journey. 

It is an awesome idea, that is allowing the company to build a strong trust relationship with the cardholders, aligned themselves not with the goods the cardholders buy, but with the emotions they feel during the adventure.


Saying "Geico" could save up to 15% on car insurance, that is more than enough to help customers to remember this brand, but to secure their dominance in the mind of customers the Geico company launched a special digital marketing company that consists from the special preroll ads on Youtube.

YouTube is accepting 15-20 second ads and Geico used this time to make fun of themselves for stealing these precious seconds from you. This helps them to create an entertaining ad with a catchy message, just look at this commercial.

You could see that these two giant corporations are using different strategies, but they are united in two things. They have awesome, SEO optimized websites, and they are spending a lot of funds to the CPC channel of traffic. Everything else may vary a lot, you need to find the best suitable one for yourself.

Digital Marketing services

Digital marketing services are special organizations and companies that are providing promotion of your brand in the digital field. Such a company will write down all your expectations, take into account every wish and then will present your detailed digital marketing plan, that could be used with the maximum efficiency for promotion needs.

digital marketing services

A common digital marketing company consists from the next specialists:

  • Marketer;
  • Content Manager;
  • Copywriter;
  • SEO specialist;
  • Analyst;
  • Project Manager;
  • Developer;
  • Designer.

As you could see there are plenty of professionals who are needed to successfully implement a profitable digital marketing company, that is why I suggesting you to use the special, certified services. But for the non-regular jobs, or if you are certainly sure which digital channel is the best, you could use the offers of freelancers.

The main thing you need to remember that you need to choose the right digital marketing strategy. This is a crucial step that requires detailed analytics, which, as you remember, is the very core of digital marketing.

types of digital marketing

The whole Digital marketing is the widest matter that consists from a thousand segments, that simply could not be highlighted in one article. Each of them are worthy for a whole separate page, and I will fill that hole later, but for now, I will tell you in brief about different types of digital marketing:

  • Digital Media (digital TV, online-radio, etc), - traditional advertisement;
  • Ads in apps, online-games, messengers, - advertisement channels that were born in the digital sphere;
  • SMS, E-Mail newsletter, - target audience oriented advertisement;
  • SEO - search engine optimization, - promoting a website by optimizing it for the needs of a target audience;
  • Content marketing, - creating useful content to attract and hold a target audience and acquiring the status of an expert in their eyes;
  • SMM - social media marketing, - promoting a business in various social platforms, like Instagram or Facebook;
  • Crowd marketing, - is a hidden promotion of a business by helping visitors on the specialized forums, social media platforms, and thematic portals.
  • Affiliate marketing, - promoting your main product through various affiliate programs. 

types of digital marketing

This list is far from over, but I think that now you understand what types of digital marketing exists. Not so many companies could afford all these types, but do not worry, it is not necessary. The usability and the effectiveness of each channel could vary, it fully depends on the type of business. Do not hesitate to try out which one is more profitable for personal needs, or take a small sneak peek on which channels are used by competitors.

digital marketing TOOLS

Google Analytics is the most important and powerful digital marketing tool in the hands of every marketer. With its help, you could set up tracking of key performance indicators (KPI) and, using these data, make the right decisions for your concrete situation. 

We have a special page, fully dedicated to Google Analytics, so here I will only remind you how effective this digital marketing tool could be. To fully understand how effective was a digital marketing company you need to take into account too mane intel. Without the help of Google Analytics, such a task could look impossible. But as soon as you connect GA to a website you will uncover unbelievable amounts of data about a website, users and even insights that must be used to enhance the marketing strategies.

But remember what I have said about SEO optimization. This is one of the most important parts of every digital marketing strategy, that is why you need some SEO tools in your toolkit of the digital marketer:

  1. Search Console;
  2. Keyword Planner;
  3. Google Trends.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is allowing you to embrace the wider audience, as online, as offline, which is using tablets, mobile phones, playing online games or just watching youtube or twitch.

With its help, you will be able to get actual and detailed data. With access to every action that customers are doing in the digital area, you could make an exact conclusion about the efficiency of various promotion channels and create a detailed portrait of a target audience, which will be used in creating an adjusted digital marketing strategy.

advantages of digital marketing

Flexible approach, that is allowing to attract an off-line audience to the online-market. It is reachable thanks to the QR-codes (redirecting users to the website) that could be placed anywhere. And vice-versa, to attract online-users to the off-line event, like a seminar. 

Digital marketing - is a complex promotion through a lot of channels, that is why you need to use Google Analytics to learn which of them are needed for a business. There are no universal solutions for such purposes, that is why you need to look at the goals and possibilities of business and choose the right digital marketing tools for the dedicated company.

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