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05 November 2019


Crowd Marketing - What is it?

Crowd marketing definition - is a special technique for marketing your brand on the Internet, by helping your customers and unobtrusive promotion of your product to them, but. It is some kind of merging of SEO and SMM. People who are thinking about buying your product, want to listen to the opinion of people who have already used the services or to read reviews on themed sites. The main thing is not to cross the thin line that separates crowd marketing from spam.

crowd love you

As platforms for Crowd marketing used special feedback sites, social platforms (specialized groups), thematic forums, all other websites where users are gathering up in the themed groups.

What is the essence of crowd control marketing? You need to find a person in trouble and give him the most detailed answer, with links to Wikipedia, video instructions, and of course a link to your website that offers the product ideally suited to his request. To put it simply, your goal is to give to the person in need a detailed answer and then, leave a link to your landing page.

Crowd marketing: goals

Using the crowd marketing technology you pursue the following marketing goals:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Increase in positive brand references;
  • Strengthening the reputation of the brand;
  • Increase referral and direct traffic.

In addition, using CrowdMarketing automatically fulfills the following goals of the SEO:

  • Obtaining natural backlinks;
  • Creation of positive dynamics of the site's link profile;
  • Reception of referral traffic.

 How to start crowd marketing

If you decide to start a crowd marketing company, then firstly you need to choose the platform you will work on.

PlatformS for Crowd marketing

Before you start, you need to do some crowd analytics researches. This must be done to find the best solution to the two main issues: 

  1. Where to promote your brand? You need to find the most popular and main media crowd platforms;
  2. How to work with the crowd in the right direction? Look for the trends in your nieche and learn everything about it. Show everyone that you are real professional in this sphere.

Crowd social media platform

Most popular social platforms you can work with:

  • Crowd Social Media websites, is a place where millions of users are spending hours every day. Includes such popular media giants as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Disqus, specialized testimonial and comment website that is created with only one purpose - to help users to find the best solution to their needs. How could you miss a chance to build a trust connection with an audience?
  • Thematic forums, this is a rather controversial option, that is rapidly losing their positions under the onslaught of social networks.

Crowd Social Media, the main habitat of TA

Crowd Social Media includes every social platform that is created for the giant mass of people. You must be interested in attracting their attention and earning trust. Crowd Social Media platforms include a great variety of websites, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

First of all, remember that no one will trust the user with an unfilled personal profile. Spend some time filling out a list of friends, create photo albums; In general, you have to show anyone who comes to see your profile, that you are a real person.

After filling your personal profile, you can start earning the trust of users. Begin slowly - participate in discussions, earn yourself the title of a specialist in this field and only then start gently recommending your service to visitors. It is important to never use the same message twice, every visitor with a problem should have his own, personalized approach.

You should always answer visitors' questions if you know how to help them, even if the question does not affect your business sphere and you can not promote a product in any way. This is a crucial point, show that you are truly interested not only in promotion of your own business but in helping those who in need.

Disqus, the most popular comment platform

Disqus is a platform that helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences.

crowd marketing tool disqus

With this platform, you can attract an audience that your company needs the most. After registration in this system, you will be able to see all your previous comments. Remember one simple rule, do not use the same text twice, otherwise, your account will be blocked and your profile will be sanctioned.

Attentively fill the profile, after all, you need to generate a positive first impression on anyone who wants to look at the person, who are answering their question.

The main advantage of this portal is that comments in the Disqus are indexed by search engines, but the moderation system here is very strict. Advertising in your post should not be only light recommendations.

Disqus have alternatives, but according to research conducted by Lijit in March 2011, the Disqus system was used by 75% of all sites using third-party commenting systems. You could easily find the websites that are using this system, so the process of finding the advertising platforms will not be so hard. 

Alternatives comment systems that could be used in Crowd-Marketing:

Thematic forums, old but gold

The overall situation is almost the same as with social networks, but still, have some differences:

  • Theme - Do not post anything without a reason, your answers should be straightforward, concise, and complete;
  • Relevance - Be in a trend or you will quickly lose the status of an expert, which in these circles is the only indicator of your professionalism;
  • Web Traffic - It is important not only to choose an actual thematic forum but also to ensure that it has a high enough traffic so that all your efforts are not wasted.

But remember that thematic forums are more narrowly specialized, and if you are not sure about what you are saying, then you risk incurring such anger on yourself that it would be better if you did not show up on this website anymore.

 Crowd marketing - step by step

In this part of the article, we will learn how to start a crowd control marketing company. Let's outline the basic steps, and then we'll take a closer look at each of them.

  1. Learn about a Target Audience;
  2. Find the Right Questions that can be asked about your product or service;
  3. Create optimized Crowd Content that will ensure the interest of users;
  4. Crowd Analytics to find out how your efforts are reflected on a TA;
  5. Track questions to keep yourself in trends and stay relevant to the needs of the TA;
  6. Give a professional help to all who needs;
  7. Track the results of a Crowd Marketing strategy and make the necessary adjustments.

This is a short, step by step guide without any explanations, in case you need just a short plan. For everyone else, I will highlight each point more in detail.

Learn a Target Audience

This step is the most important not only in crowdmarketing but in all sectors of eMarketing. You create a product for people, and you should know everything about the people for whose sake you work: Popular trends, Activity hours, Preferred social networks, etc. All this information helps to find the right approach to the person and to offer the goods on conditions accessible to your audience.

Find the right question

A whole and completely individual chapter. As the creator of your product or service, you should know everything about it, including what questions users can ask and what issues could bother them. For example, we will take the Astratalk service, which provides a live chat for the site. Which question may arise in the head of our visitors?

  • The live chat widget, why is it needed?
  • How does chat could help in eCommerce?
  • How to add a chat widget to the site?
  • How much does a live chat for a website cost?
  • Will the conversion rate increase after I'll connect a chat widget?

The more questions you will find the better. Use the help of your customers, they surely asked you about the product. Just collect and analyze all the data you are collecting via email or other support channels.

Now that we've got a complete list of questions that users can ask, we can move on to the next step.

Crowd Content

By creating crowd optimized content, you also receive free advertising by the users who share it with a friend. Content should be exciting, interesting, and, most important, useful. Visitors need to have a burning desire to share it or keep on their social page. 

Content strategy

Crowd content is such a kind of content that is easily understandable by anyone and quickly distributed by simple users (a crowd) via various social platforms just by clicking one button.

If you decide to use crowd control marketing, then you, probably, have an optimized website, but just in case, I'll write down the main points that a landing page or any other website must contain:

  • Your site should attract the users' attention, but remember that everything must be balanced, do not overdo with the decorations.
  • Be sure to put on the project a list of services or links to specialists, who accurately describe a business you are running or have an accurate description of a product.
  • If you have any certificates of quality, licenses and other materials affecting the image of your brand or company, then do not hesitate to create a special page for them.
  • To describe the product or service you need high-quality videos and photos.

Crowd Analytics

Collect all available information about your TA. There are three main questions on which you need to find answers:

  1. When they appear online?
  2. What kind of problems are bothering them?
  3. How you could ease their problems and enhance a life level?

All this you need to learn the best possible way of working with this personalized crowd. But remember that you should not join the media crowd, you need to work with it and guide it.

Track questions

Now it's time to track key questions among the ones mentioned earlier. For this we have a great variety of marketing tools that will help you collect reviews and the questions, that are needed to be answered:

  • Google or any other Search Engine. Used to find the volume of the search queries and the very questions about a product, promoted on the World Wide Web.
  • Google Alerts and Talkwalker. Quickly notify you about new questions and feedback reviews about your product. 
  • Disqus or alternatives services. An independent comment site, which is used to track questions and reviews.

professional help

I already mentioned this issue in the article above. In brief, you need to act professionally, answer the questions as detailed as you can and do not impose your goods too much. Do not act like you know everything, just share with your experience, and try to find the best solution to the arose issue. Every bit counts, so do not fear to suggest options, even if you are not 100% concern about it.

Results tracking

When working with crowd marketing, watch for the reaction to your work. The image of the company is everything, and sometimes people are willing to overpay just to get a service from a trusted company. Remember that you are the face of the company and all your actions will reflect on the business directly.

track results crowd marketing

Reputational marketing is extremely important, especially for small businesses in eCommerce. People are arranged in such a way, that negative experience is perceived much stronger than positive. Find negative feedbacks and do anything you can to change the opinions of dissatisfied customers or just explain why the result was not so good for this concrete customer. Do everything to show a TA that you are personally involved in their problems, and help them with any question that could be answered from your point of view.


Communication is the foundation of crowd marketing. Communication and not the sale of your goods. The whole media is tired of the abundance of advertising offers. Earn the trust and then you will get all the necessary sales volumes, excellent reviews, and high ratings of critics and experts.

Crowd marketing should be handled by a competent person and then you will quickly see the result of your work, like:

  • Forming a positive image of the site and the company.
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Positive impact on traffic increase.
  • The natural increase in the reference mass.
  • Increase the site position in the SERP.

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